Wirkungsfonds 2016
Voting period: December 4, to December 20, 2016.
The Wirkungsfonds was brought to life in 2016 by SAP, Deutsche Bank, and Social Impact, in order to support non-profit initiatives and social start-ups in the financing of their plans, to optimize the efficient utilization of resources, and with this to attain a more significant impact. In 2016 the main focus were initiatives working to improve the situations of people with an immigration background in Europe, and who for this purpose developed an innovative social start-up concept. 12 founders were able to be supported with financial aid in the first year. They were qualified for this support through online voting. The Wirkundsfonds aid from the Deutschen Bank and Social Impact were able to be awarded in the second round of the project – and the Community once again will play an important role through online voting in the selection process of the social start-ups and initiatives to be supported.
Find out more: http://socialimpactfinance.eu/wirkungsfonds

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