Minibus Media
The project intends to provide people and institutions with the technical infrastructure and the knowledge to produce audio-visual content to educate their target groups in a professional and independent way.

Participatory media projects in connection with community based journalism are the ideal stepping stones to educate an already organised group to improve their communication impact on the people they are reaching out to.

The project aims to offer workshops to its local partner organisations in Africa where two consultants/teachers of Minibus Media shall be passing on technical as well as content knowledge on the topic which has been identified by the partner organisation.

In each two-week workshop, up to twenty human rights activists from local partner organisations are informed about the selected topic and are trained in communication techniques to reach out to large audiences to raise awareness concerning this topic.

The participants receive technical training in the production of audio-visual information (videos) for the intended target audiences. During the workshop, at least one video will be produced jointly by the participants on the selected topic.

The participants will also be trained to make a communication plan for their organisation to disseminate the video(s) to their target audiences and to use them for advocacy with local and national authorities.
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