KiezCooks is a mobile app allowing you to share home cooked meals with your ‘Kiez’ – your neighbours and friends. KiezCooks customers enjoy an affordable homemade meal over yet another take-away or food delivery.
Those who enjoy sharing their home cooked food sign up as a KiezCook. All KiezCooks are encouraged to introduce themselves, their kitchen and their specialties. This profile is backed with high quality food photography, list of ingredients and community rating & feedback. Prices, number of available portions and ‘take-away’ or ‘eat-together’ options are added individually. Hungry neighbours reserve their portion by paying the portion price including a small commission fee in-App via PayPal. They get their meal in a provided biodegradable take-away-box or sit and eat together at the table.

KiezCooks unites the community, reduces foodwaste and promotes the choice for sustainable and organic food in one easy-to-use application.

Become KiezCook - with KiezCooks the Kiez cooks!
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