We believe in community-based change, and in film and storytelling as a powerful and versatile driver for that change. DocImpact is a NPO (e.V.) that uses problem and solution orientated films to help improve the welfare of vulnerable people or communities. E.g. Teaching subsistence slash and burn farmers sustainable farming techniques.

To ensure long-term change we implement a screening & workshop (s&w) model in partnership with local initiatives and NGOs. We only work with films already produced and ensure the community takes ownership of the project within a set time frame.

Not only do the s&ws bring a community together. Film educates, motivates and persuades. The workshops (funded by us) then provide the resources and environment to practically implement the lessons learnt. E.g. seeds and guidance for new farming technique.

We select films that address a clear social issue and present a practical solution that is scalable and can move beyond borders.
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