YMCA Serbia social businesses
To help with school-to-job transition of unemployed young people in our community, we are about to launch two social businesses (a day-care center and a second-hand shop) for which I have designed the business models and raised 60% of funding.
The businesses/projects would offer young people with training and first work experience in relevant professional fields.
What makes these businesses unique is that both of them cater to a real need of the consumers and have the ability to generate revenues, in addition to solving the issue of youth unemployment.
The projects would run as follows: first, young people would receive preparatory training in retail, accounting, management, leadership and other skills needed to work on the businesses successfully, which would be delivered in partnership with local employers. After the preparatory training they would work directly on the two businesses under the guidance of an experienced YMCA Serbia leader.
After completion of a certain employment period, the first trainees would exit the traineeship to allow for new trainees to join. We would support the outgoing trainees with recommendation letters, CV and interview preparations as well as with initiating contacts with potential employers.
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