Visually Impaired People (VIP ) Academy
Empowering young blind and visually impaired people to develop themselves personally and professionally by joining the Visually Impaired People (VIP ) Academy, where leaders and trainers from the business will teach them and in the same they will learn how to be 360 degree leaders by to developing right brain skills for resilience, empathy, mindfulness.

The Visually Impaired People (VIP ) Academy will educate, train and empower the local community of blind and visually impaired people in order to develop an environment for change, inspiration and action. Currently most of the blind and visually impaired people in Bulgaria are underdeveloped in sense of social skills, soft skills, digital skills and etc. The VIP Academy will provide basic level of programs for effective communication, listening skills, presentation skills, anti-discrimination knowledge, assertiveness and personal development through onlline and offline learning.Trainers, mentors and coaches will be both blind and sighted professionals and the learning will be mutual, because the blind trainers will exchange and support the sighted ones in developing a 360 degrees model for talent development and leadership formats for development of resilience, empathy, mindfulness and right-brain activities. The target audience is the community of bl ind and proactive young people in Bulgaria and the innovation is based on development of the integrated 360 model, which would benefit the learning and development programs of the business.
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