Traveling Knowledge Agent on Sustainability (TRAS)
Well trained sustainability spacialist (trainers/coaches) who are ready to stay for a day or for a week to foster transition (primarily at a school or any oter type of organization) - like a "Sustainable" Mary Poppins.

Traveling Knowledge Agent on Sustainability (TRAS) intends to create a new professional profile of a ‘travelling teacher’ or ‘climate agent’ who is able to spread a mitigation and adaptation strategy within the local communities based on the expertise developed by Climate-KIC.
The TRAS Program includes a training program for the professionals who are able to help students, families, companies, local communities to raise awareness to transition and climate challeng, providing information on how to take care about the environment and promote positive changes in their daily behaviour. The TRASs will travel across the regions working ‘on demand’ by keeping on-site courses, workshops, seminars and labs focusing on transition and climate change challenges. During their work they will use the toolbox based on Climate-KIC knowledge base which consists of up-to-date climate related information, methodology materials and examples. The TRASs will cooperate with experts to present real life cases.
The TRAS Program vision is to create Travelling Agents who are able to communicate with people at their own comfortable circumstances – becoming trustful ambassadors of Sustainable Transition of Climate-KIC (road-show for promoting Climate-KIC at the same time). Meanwhile, they can also support other (existing) Climate-KIC programs with spreading and promoting them. The TRAS program offers ½ day to 1 week long courses, which can be demanded throughout the year.
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