TimeHeroes Pro
My project aims at helping NGOs attract and utilise professional services for free at a local level. I want to create a flexible IT platform that can be easily localised for the respective language and culture that matches skilled volunteers with non-profit organisations and groups of active citizens.

Most non-profits recruit and organise volunteers for their social, cultural and environmental causes reaching only for the general type of physical support, this way ensuring that enough help will be garnered. But many times, for an organisation to be sustainable and effective, it needs professional expertise that is way out and above its budget resources.

There are a few existing skill-based volunteer platforms which are limited in geographical reach - and thus in impact - due to language barriers (mostly English) and focus on a certain country.

The platform I want to develop will give the opportunity to highly skilled professionals to support the causes they like pro bono, while helping NGOs use hardly accessible resources, in their language and on their own territory.

The platform will be operated under a single brand with partnering host-organisations on a local level.

I have already started a striped down version of such a service in Bulgaria with my organisation (Time Heroes Foundation) as a test and can see the big potential.

You can see it here (in Bulgarian): https://timeheroes.org/bg/talents
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