The Social Teahouse
The Social Teahouse is a social enterprise from Bulgaria established in late 2014 and is aiming to provide mentorship program and first job to youngsters grown up in institutions and orphanages in Bulgaria. Those who graduate from the mentorship program have opportunity to start their first job in the Social teahouse for a period of one year.
The project is open each year to 10-15 youngsters at the age between 16 and 21 years old, where they are welcome to get involved in the program voluntarily. This gives them opportunity to learn in positive and shelter environment from each other. The total duration of the program is 36 months and is divided in to 24 months focused on developing personal skills and 12 months dedicated on developing professional skills and attitude. The model aims to provide social integration through inclusions, volunteering, work and education.
The Social teahouse already is a physically existing venue, providing space for alternative cultural life and cup of tea in the very beating heart of the city of Varna. It hosts both internal and external events focused on topics of the conscious lifestyle of the young people – from arts and culture, to innovations and sustainable environmental policies. Our trainees are involved as participants and staff in most of these events, where they have immediate opportunities to socialize with their peers, to learn and share their experience through methods of non-formal education.
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