​Storyteracy Project introduces an alternative method to combat functional illiteracy using reading and writing creative techniques, which determines building new and lasting emotional bonds with texts.

Functional illiteracy is a major social problem in Easter European countries, which is not given enough attention in actual formal educational systems and the Storyteracy Project intend to approach it from a new and inovative perspective, widely applicable.

The project focuses on functional illiteracy issues and aims to make participants from target group to change their social perspective, using practical methods by exploiting imagination and creative potential. The project gathers groups of students. Each group attend ludic activities where they are challenged to listen, write, illustrate and perform imagined history of an object / phenomenon / feeling / person of their choice, in order to improve understanding, memorizing and communicating ideas. The method is based on listening and creative reading. It helps better understanding of the content of a story, encourages the invention of original texts and leads to diminishing the functional illiteracy.
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