Informing the kids off- and online in a positive, friendly, simple, clear, open and honest way, so that they can actually grasp the information and make informed decisions about their relationships, sexual and reproductive health.

Loveguide is dedicated to filling the gaps in sexual health education of Bulgarian teenagers. In December 2015 we launched our online platform It's safe and anonymous place where teenagers can learn (and ask questions about) everything they need to know about love, sex and relationships to be healthy and happy. It's not only about STD's and birth control, but also about communication and being responsible and tolerant with their peers. Besides the traditional topics in sex ed, it exhausts topics like sexual harassment, homosexuality, sex and the internet and many more. It's educational, but most importantly it's positive, friendly and honest, short, simple and clear. So that the teenagers can open up to the messages and actually make use of our information. Of course, it's any-device friendly so that they can have the right information in the palm of their hand at any time. We (aim to) update it as often an d regularly as possible.
In 2016 we started visiting schools all around the country and introducing it to kids and teachers. The interest is huge, including from parents. The meetings have turned into sex ed workshops and the demand for them is growing.
For the activities so far, we had the financial support of Reach for Change and Vivacom Fund. We need more resources of any kind to be able to grow off- and online and have social impact as our test showed that our idea, approach and implementation work.
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