Build bridges of efficient communication between citizens, governments and other relevant stakeholders by offering a tech based tool which stimulates citizen engagement, increased accountability and transparency especially in local governance, and more proficient problem solving; contributing to improved living conditions for the community.

Lokalizo is an open source report-mapping software that enables community members to record and report common community problems to an appropriate authority. Users of Lokalizo, will be able to easily report community problems on a wide range of areas and issues affecting their environment like: Waste Management, Walking Hazards, Sanitation Problems, Traffic hazards and Issues, Infrastructure and Construction Risks, Recreational Parks, Safety, and Disaster Risk Reduction. Suitably, internet penetration in Kosovo and region is increasing at a very fast rate. According to a 2013 report by the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication, internet penetration based on users is 76.6% and based on households is 84.8%. There are many ways on which this internet is being utilized, thus the potential to attract citizens to use the internet for civic engagement is very high; especially for issues that affect them directly in their daily lives (i.e garbag e, broken stairs in the neighborhood, open hole, etc).
Thus, a solution which is easily accessed through a mobile app or through a website, has the potential to become an important tool of change if it gets the necessary support from agents who recognize the crucial role that technology can play in improving life in our communities.
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