KULT Hub is a modern work space where teenagers will form a proactive community and acquire a range of skills through non-formal education activities.

In Roman city there are 2,500 teenagers between 15-19 years old who become our target. High school should prepare them for college and a future career path, but soft skills trainings are missing from high school curriculum.

We offer two main products to solve their problems:
1. Monthly membership subscription to KULT hub
2. Single Ticket Event

During a month we have these recurring benefits:
- 2 non formal education trainings in soft skills
- 2 collective courses (additional preparing in mathematics or computer science)
- 1 conference with motivational speakers / 1 sports competition
- Unlimited space access between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and to our resources

In addition, young people can also benefit through our organization from:
- Participation / involvement in national projects
- Youth exchanges
- Camps
- Movie nights

The members will benefit from programs based on self esteem and learning. A teenager will spend on average 50 hours per month in the hub, participating in various learning activities and relaxation.

The business model is composed of three pillars:
1. A constant growing community of valuable teenagers;
2. Developing partnerships with institutions and companies to support the youth community;
Through our programs, we want to involve also the institutions and organizations from the business environment that aim to change the society in a positive matter through education.
3. Scalability – implement this project in other small cities in need.
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