INBOX is a studio that designs and develops sustainable architecture, green buildings and beautiful design spaces out of worn-out shipping containers.

Our mission: to build a sustainable future by solving local and global problems in the housing, food and energy industry.

Every single product that is designed at INBOX is built with the following things in mind:

Mobile: Built out of shipping containers, the structure can be transported easily and cheaply. We offer a plug and play solution where you do not have to worry about any additional equipment or instalation. Everything is built within the structure, making it easy to set up and move in the future.

Modular: No matter if it is a house, an office or an urban farm, shipping containers can be converted easily and inexpensively. The modules can be merged, divided and reshaped as needs change.

Sustainable: the products are designed for the circular economy, which is based on a principle of “upcycling” - the art of refining worn-out resources. Those buildings have a 80% lower CO2 footprint in the production phase than traditional buildings.

In other words, we design and develop solutions with an eye for the circular economy that are as cool as they are green.
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