Homepod is a Hybrid Value Chain (HVC) PaaS business model that leverages the capabilities of AEC industry to enable the delivery of architectural resources to populations in a cost-effective way.

Companies tap into new markets and expand their client base. Homepod enables populations to buy architectural products from a global database of distributors that provides a cost-effective way for citizens but also for micro, small and medium sized businesses do to more for them.

Modern ARCHITECTS need MODERN tools to analyse and predict design decisions. Whether decorating a room, a new house, or reimagining a district for energy efficiency, we take designers into the digital single market.

HOMEPOD is the only high performance AEC database that delivers both speed and scale and has efficiency and waste reduction benefits that match regulations and government objectives very well across EUROPE.

Homepod is the only solution with a sustainability and recyclability dimension.

It will therefore have a disruptive effect on the market by changing the way consumers make decisions. This is made possible by our unique algorithm for the sustainability factor, which will be patented.

We wrote an algorithm that discovers words such as plastic, metal, steel, wood, ceramic etc which makes it easier to understand where it can go to recycle or up-cycle.

From a social perspective, this could help millions by sourcing products, finding new ideas or even create new markets
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