From negative to positive behaviour
Raising the awareness of the present behaviour, indentify how much negative assesments we make in the present moment and give a new perspective in order to internally shift our thinking with "aha" moments rather than using too much theoretically teachings.
First and most important thing is to be aware of your thinking and experiences. We are preprogramed to behave in a certain way by education, our own experiences and the behaviours in society around us but we can change that (reference to subconscious and the way to change automatic thinking).
So, the first step is to be aware of the negative responses. In order to change something you need to know what to change.
The following step is to know that is another way of thinking: "you haven't hugged me' -> "i would of liked a hug from you"
Next step is to understand the diference in negativity and positive thinking. This is about vibrations that we emit and surrownd ourselves using words under the level of integrity (reference to David R. Hawkings) and will make a connection with the body being 50-80% water and what happens with the water when using some words (reference to Masaru Emoto)
The final step is to act in a positive manner, actually thinking, saying positive affirmations and ultimately have a positive behaviour.
There are other key elements such as questions, attention focusing.
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