Elephant Society
Brand that educates and employs people from the minorities to create handmade fabrics with bohemian vibe, using the block printing technique.

A year ago, I volunteered at a foundation for people with intellectual disabilities, where I found out that it is impossible for the disabled to find a job. Thus, they are often left with nothing to do-unsatisfied and depressed. Since that time I was constantly trying to come up with a business idea that would give work to these people, making them feel content and happy. One day it just hit me-the answer was block printing.

Block printing is a technique for printing images on textiles used throughout East Asia. Here’s how to goes: you sketch the design and carve it on a block. Then, you need to press the block on fabrics to print the pattern and create textiles with beautiful designs. This job is easy to do and is a great way to produce something that is handmade and trendy. Once you provide people with disabilities with wooden blocks, they can create designer bed linen, cushions, beach towels, etc. almost without any training.

My idea is the following: On one hand, I want to gather together talented designers who can create Scandinavian and easy to replicate designs for textiles and, on the other, disabled people who can handprint them. I want to establish a modern brand with bohemian vibe and unique products that improves people’s lives and thus has added value. It will have something more in comparison to other products of its kind - buy buying ours, you will help people in need, because every product would bring 20% of its market price to the person who has made it.
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