Date a Startup
Date a Startup is an educational platform that hacks the ways young people start their career and the way companies act towards millennials.

Date a Startup is built on 3 pillars: internships platform in startups, a mentorship program for students and bootcamps of organisational culture for startups. Through the internships platform we are trying to make students become great professionals faster, by putting them in a new working environment- that of startups and medium size companies. The reason why we are looking into startups is because we believe the environment is very fast paced and graduates can learn faster and have the chance of getting involved in more projects and seing businesses growing, by being in the middle of things. To enhance this experience,we are implementing a mentorship program that one can enroll in. The role of this program is for young professionals to be mentored and learn from the best the ropes of being a great professional. Last but not least, we are looking into organising bootcamps for startup owners for people’s management and organisational culture design. There, they will learn how to know themselves better as managers, their teams and encourage employees to be proactive and have a longer retention program of millennials. We believe that our projects are touching both necessities of young professionals, as well as those of employers so that both parties can have a flourishing relationship.
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