City improov
How do you make a city better?
One proposition is a platform that targets specific city problems, a platform where citizens have a voice, city hall learns about the problems and together get the problems solved.
These problems are design problems, are day to day inefficiencies in the city life (traffic, public transportation, pedestrian, subway, biking experience, etc.). The platform targets low cost/high impact problems and corresponding solutions, fast implementing ideas.
Involving as many citizens as possible assures diversity in problems/solutions observed, much better and faster than a specialized city hall department.
The platform taps into the problems/solutions which more than often end up discussed during friendly meetings, work breaks, or they just stay and get forgotten in someone’s head. The platform will make those brilliant ideas come to life.
How it works?
Citizens and firms will submit a problem/solutions via the embedded map.
The platform administrator analyzes the problem/solution and posts the problem or gives feedback to the user.
Other citizens will visualize the signaled problem and will vote on the existing solutions or submit another solution.
Voting mechanism allows a direct involvement and transparent decision of the citizens.
City hall will be invited to create a user on the platform and will provide feedback on the signaled problems, on the viability of the solutions proposed.
Each problem/solution will have a follow-up, timeframe and resolution.
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