Code in Rose is a community which empowers girls in technology, fights stereotypes with stereotypes and creates a sharing community where every learner is a teacher.

Code in rose is a connection between feminism,technology,humanism and creativity.Building the environment where technology doesn’t discriminate and where sharing is caring. The wall of mental judging in all technological fields has created stereotypes and as one of the problems technology is making young people tending to have more an asocial behavior.As a project we are fighting stereotypes with stereotypes and creating an environment where every learner is a teacher.A sharing community with girls who share the same passion.We aim to sensitize and train females in technological fields in order to empower them and offer them working opportunities.We want to raise awareness of the gender gap and that females are capable of not only being successful engineers but able to be true ambassadors of humanism.We as a group plan to attain this goal by organizing,workshops,and teaching classes where every girl will be trained in order to share her knowledg e with another group of girls.We are creating an online community too where girls which are trained during our workshops will work in order to help people with technologic problems,teaching lessons,consulting.One of main part of Code in Rose initiative is helping not only urban zone but we are concentrating our attention to rural zones where girls have the same passion but not the same opportunities.The latest project will be focused at the Roma girls and all the trained Roma girls will train their own community with shared knowledge.
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