Using the advantages, entertaining tools and new technology of developed countries to support the solution of disadvantages and women's inequality in the countries suffering from poverty.

The international line of the project relates to women empowerment and their life condition improvement in countries such as Guatemala, India, Cambodia and Africa through fashion- female artisans' fashion. With cooperation of 6 organizations and social businesses we are working on new "channels" of promoting the mission and spreading it among new generation as they are our target group plus fashion is highly suitable for the mission better visibility. So far there have been numerous methods used to address social issues to young generation, however, they have not been very effective. Thus, our aim is to use new methods/ entertaining tools such as music, photography or fashion bloggers, fashion weeks for higher, social purpose. The mission of connecting nowadays catchy and entertaining tools for higher purposes we find astonishing and from our perspective (as young people) this is the only one way to make the new generation involved into helping the social businesses to grow and to solve accurate issue and in the case of our project: life conditions of women in countries suffering from poverty.
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