4Uth - educational & recruitment platform
The educational and recruitment online platform that helps young people (aged 16+) develop their skills, find their first paid job and be competitive at the job market.

We plan to create an online educational and recruitment platform that: 1) supports young people (aged 16+) in gaining skills sought after by the job market 2) helps them to secure internships, work experience opportunities and/or their first paid jobs. The platform will feature short educational videos (e.g. how to write a CV, how to prepare for a job interview, etc) as well as bite-size e-learning materials featuring specific and practical skills such as creating websites in WordPress, managing Google AdWords, etc. It may also feature short interviews with people who have interesting, inspirational or not-so-obvious jobs that young people may not have heard of and therefore never considered for themselves (i.e. golf course designer, personal tailor etc). This professional support, networking, access to information, inspiration, advice and guidance will help the young people enter the job market and be competitive. At the same time, it will enable emp loyers to reach out to audiences that were previously inaccessible.
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