The #DOMINOEFFECT is a socially responsible initiative that focuses on raising awareness of society about positive values. The main goal of the initiative is to invite people to make a promise of what will they do or change to make the world of tomorrow a better place. Focus is to address the passiveness of society and to encourage active citizenship. It is designed as a viral campaign. (Inspiration - ice bucket challenge)

The solution for sustainable society is to get communities and people to be more aware of positive values. The focus is to encourage active citizenship among people. Active citizens are individuals who want to make a positive difference in their community. The result of the project is to achieve the domino effect where people make a promise (I’ll recycle from now on) of what they will do in their community to contribute to the world of better tomorrow, record it and post it to social media while naming and encouraging three other friends to make a promise themselves. The wider the reach the more effect it will have on the mindset of people and society. Every generation can participate.The idea starts with a pool of participating people and achieve domino effect through social media nominations. Web page promise counter will count promises made with a completion rate counter. How many people made a promise, how many kept it and made a difference, how many were affected? The goal is to reach the vastest amount of people possible. The initiative is using the resource of different social media and people active on them while using the concept of viral campaign to reach out to encourage social media users to participate, to act. The main focus of the initiative is to create a viral campaign to change the mindset of society being passive into being active citizens who want to contribute and will make a difference in their society.
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