Cargonomia: Community Cargobikes in each district in Budapest
Inspired by functioning citizen-initiated, community cargobike sharing programs which have developed in Europe in recent years, we aim to gather support for developing an open-source, locally produced and maintained cargobike sharing network in Budapest. The goal is to establish an accessible, user friendly cargo bike sharing network which is independently built and maintained with local community resources.

Since May 2015, Cargonomia has existed as a non-profit collective in Budapest, Hungary. It serves as a sustainable urban transport center and local, healthy and organic food distribution point. The cooperation consists of a cargo-bike messenger service, a bicycle-building cooperative, a family-scale organic vegetable farm, an organic bakery, a wine distributor and citizen volunteers.

In the last two years, besides our everyday usage of cargobikes for personal use and bike messenger services, in particular to deliver locally produced organic food, we have helped extend cargo bike access to approximately 100 of our neighbors. From families to music bands, from NGOs to artists, from festival organizers to local businesses, our experience shows a raising interest in cargobike usage, and measurable social benefits. For these reasons we would like to take further steps to improve our existing cargobike sharing system, and increase access to cargobikes to all districts of Budapest.
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