Women Entrepreneurial Center
The project aims at finding accessible and sustainable online and offline solutions for networking women entrepreneurs to build their capacities and expertise, promote solidarity and diversity among women entrepreneurs, and improve their social and economic position at the market. Expected outcome is to have empowered women entrepreneur network that generates and shares knowledge and expertise to improve social and economic position of women in small businesses (necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship). This will be achieved by producing user-friendly, accessible, and interactive online platform that promotes, markets, and networks women entrepreneurs clustered by type and scope of business (e,g, finance/economics, services, ICT, creative industry), but also serves as an information and knowledge space with written material and webinars on topics relevant for women entrepreneurs. The project will organize capacity-building for women entrepreneurs (targeted, theme-based consultations, trainings, lectures, presentations, meet-ups); creating safe space for generating knowledge (library and research center), co-working, product promotion; and establishing a mentoring and professional orientation program for girls (“know your rights and opportunities at the market”). The project will promote organization of all-female events that will be promoted as an empowerment model to big businesses as part of the “women and diversity program for business.”
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