Diamonds Academy - Soccer School for girls
Diamonds Academy is a Soccer Academy that was founded for girls because for us Every Girl makes a Difference! We invite all the girls from 4 to 16 years old.

By promoting girls' and womens' football we are fighting with discrimination of women and girls in foootball and sex stereotypes. We fight for empowerement of women and girls in the world of sports.

As there was no place for girls to start their soccer adventure in Warsaw we founded Diamonds Academy which is ideal for young players to develop their football skills. Our aim and priority is to create a professional, friendly, rewarding environment for every young soccer enthusiast.

We run trainings for girls in 3 districts of Warsaw(Mokotów, Wawer, Wilanów) and Konstancin Poland . Girls are training once or twice a week, depending on the age category (U6, U8, U10, U12, U13, U14, U16). Moreover, we are organizing soccer tournaments for girls, integration activities, trainings where kids train with their parents, and sports camps.
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