Albanian Adventure Resort
Albanian Adventure Resort (AAR) is a tangible result of more than 15 years of tourism development in the region of Skrapar & Permet through rafting. AAR is a pilot initiative in the field of Adventure tourism, a public private partnership (PPP) between the Albanian Rafting Federation and the Ministry of Education and Sports.
AAR is an innovative environment-friendly Adventure Tourism enterprise aiming to boost the local economy through tourism and love for the outdoors. It also aims to offer a beautiful heaven for all adventure travel enthusiasts. The AAR will serve as multi-sports center that will offer activities and education programs for the development of sustainable tourism in Albania. The AAR’s mission is “Transforming lives by celebrating the best of Albania”.
The opportunity is to transform Albanian society and the country’s economic potential by reconnecting the next generation to Albanian heritage and the countryside.
Through sustained infrastructure development, comprehensive hands-on vocational training and a reinvestment into the leaders of tomorrow, the Albanian Adventure Resort can provide a viable opportunity for Albanian society and its young citizens. The continued efforts and enthusiasm of large scale societal, cultural and environmental investment back into Albania can have major ramifications into the long-term success of its youth.
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