Widow women
As we know in Kosovo there are a lot of women that are widow because their husbands died or are lost during the war. Most of those women are poor because they arent employed and they carry the responsibility for their family. I have a lot of friends that are poor because they dont have a father and their mother doesnt work, or works with a low salary and I really get mad that those women and those children because its not their fault. So I thought a plan that may help most of those widow women in Kosovo. So my idea is to open small kitchens in most of the schools in Kosovo (even if some schools already have them) and employee those women. They could bake their own food and sell them to the children and the teachers of the school. And then they should take the money that they win. My school already has a small kitchen and in there are employed some widow women,and I saw that the food they sell is really delicious and the children always buy their food. That is the reason why I think it can be a good idea to help those poor women.
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