Whats home
Our new application helps the visually impaired, disabled, rushing mothers and large families!
Our goal is always to figure out what's at home and what's not there! And what's left out, that is, its bag into the trash is immediately loaded into the shopping list! So you do not have to go to a store twice that really matters to people with visual impairments and disabilities! Because it's the hardest to pay attention to what's at home and what's not home. But we do not have to worry about this with the new What's home application. There are three sensors, one at the cooler, one with the trash can and one with the kettle. As a Kodle reader, they get the new products out of the box and when it runs out and the bin gets automatically dropped by the sensor and gets into the shopping list. So we will always know what's left and we have to shop in the store so never again nothing can be left down.
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