Unicorns CoWorking Center
While the majority of coworking spaces are extremely useful in today’s workforce, rarely they are designed to meet the social and professional needs of its members. Most coworking options are limited to desk space, Wi-Fi, and maybe a coffee bar. And they are typically designed for the freelancer or small company. But there’s a gap in this modern era work-sharing movement. A place for community, not just coworking. A place to build relationships while you do your job. A place that provide connection and sense of belonging for members through work areas and event space. A safe space in a country like Bulgaria, where there haven’t been any major improvements in the lives of LGBTI people, is highly needed. It will allow the community to grow stronger while learning to trust one another. You can question why we need to label as queer, LGBTI, unicorns, etc. a place like this? Country specific – because we lack open gay role models. For far too long there haven’t been open and successful, outspoken and laid-back queer people from all aspects of work, genuinely being themselves. The Unicorns CoWorking Center will be able to change that, bringing normality, setting a new tone and possibly inspiring gay professionals to support their community. You can also question where’s the business model in this? Enterprises are always willing to connect with different communities and to extend their reach, and we believe the Unicorns Centre will be able to attract them as well.
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