Touch Festival (Érintés Fesztivál)
My project is to create an annual festival called "Touch Festival" (already organized once in June 2-3-4 2017,, that is emphasising the importance of the loving physical human touch and creates space to experience and practice different types of body oriented activities, from dance to massage and therapy.
This is a new and niché festival, which brings together more than 30 session givers from Hungary and other countries and where more than 100 participants can take part in individual and group sessions, classes, and lectures.

According to numerous psychological researches, human touch is necessary for survival of the children of early ages. It is also proven that adults also need various body oriented activities in order to live a healthy life and contribute positively to the society. As such, human touch helps to heal, resolve psychological and physiological issues, helps to create loving and collaborative relationships at home and at work.

This is a three-day festival with sessions running simultaneously, so the participants can choose which program is interesting and useful for them.

This festival is for those
- for whom the touch is important.
- who want to be more conscious in their body language
- who would like to improve their relationship with their familiy, partner, or friends
- who would like to learn more about themselves
- who would like to make this world a better place! :)
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