Together on One Rope
I was always looking for possibilities to improve the usefulness of the education. However education is important, the right methodology and the content is crucial. I mean balance between our brain and our body is the key of the success.
Recently we living in a virtual world. Most of the kinds are suffering from a lack of real (physical) challenges. It is even truer when a kid is mentally disabled. The society is not ready for helping those kids ant to their parents.
My dream is to establish a climbing therapy for mentally handicapped children. I don’t plan to exclude healthy ones (they are also welcome, but they have enough climbing training possibilities). With climbing we can help building trust, focusing, controlling their body and limbs. And above all this, they could experience being in flow.
The complex therapy consists of climbing, talking about experiences, doing yoga, playing and watching movies together. The team would be 4 of us – 2 professional climber (educated teacher), 1 psychologist, 1 yoga teacher/life coach. Depending on the member of the actual team of the children, we could involve more staff, but for starting 4 is enough.
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