Taníts Magyarországért - Teach for Hungary
Teach for Hungary (Taníts Magyarországért) is tackling the challenge of educational inequality in Hungary in an innovative and sustainable way. The basic concept is to recruit university graduates with outstanding leadership skills and place them into schools in socially deprived areas for a two-year full-time commitment after preparing them in an intense summer course. Their involvement rests on two pillars: firstly, cooperating with teachers to facilitate high quality teaching in classrooms and secondly, running extracurricular activities such as sport-, science- and debate-clubs, organizing excursions and fundraising support. The two-year commitment is accompanied with ongoing mentoring and advanced trainings.
The impact is twofold: On the one hand, students improve their performance and gain the crucial experience of self-efficacy. Such students develop greater ambitions for their own life, contribute more to society and by doing so bring about change. On the other hand, university graduates, who are often not fully aware of the structural educational inequality problem gain first-hand insight into the challenges faced by deprived students. After their commitment, they continue their professional career in all sectors of the Hungarian society and serve as advocates and multiplicators of the mission to grant equal opportunities to each Hungarian school child.
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