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The deteriorating factor to the Eastern European communities is the lack of an anti-plagiarism software; a great obstacle for qualitative education. Incapability to control information theft among various work and accurate control due to the absence of software's that detect plagiarism has been vastly damaging to students learning behavior and their working capabilities. Plagiarism is enabling students to graduate with plagiarized writings, thus, a workforce lacking a basic level of ethical attitude towards crediting the work of another. Law No. 04/L-065 of the Republic of Kosovo is in power since 2011, with the intent of protecting the rights of authors and genuine work of publishers against any form of theft or misrepresentation of information. This law is in power to protect any form of work, be it written, spoken, recorded, or even sung among others. Hence, this law is being violated very day more; lacking infrastructure to protect and react against intellectual property rights.
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