Přestupní stanice / Transfer Station
We are “Transfer Station”, a social enterprise that started this April and focuses on empowering homeless people by offering them temporary jobs, as well as organizing cultural events for the community around us.

Transfer Station offers fair part-time jobs in a second-hand charity shop with donated clothes and a stable and friendly place for dealing with issues connected to homelessness, such as debts, sustainable living places, health and relationships.

In an understanding way and without stress, we create a safe space for our colleagues who experienced homelessness, and for others who want to participate and find a safe space for themselves as well. Another goal of this project is to spread information and knowledge about the phenomenon of homelessness and open up other uncomfortable social and political issues to discussion.

Thanks to these events and the forming community, our colleagues get a chance to work on their work skills, values and dignity. The final step is to help them find regular employment and fully integrate them into the workforce.
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