Mobile application for disabled people
There are around 650 million of disabled people, which is almost 15% of the world population. Very often their needs are being neglected and they are facing with difficulties in everyday activities, which leads them to a social exclusion. Since their movement is limited because of their disability, they can move only on a certain places and streets in cities.
Maps for disabled people are made to solve one of their problems, making their everyday activities easier and offering them useful information while they travel to different places and cities. Application is made of maps from all around the world, which can show anytime and anywhere optimal route to a desired destination, and also to calculate average needed time to get to that destination. Beside this, application can show in every city available parking spots for disabled people, and also cafes, bars and other facilities suitable for them. Application can also offer chance to find and meet other disabled people in those cities, as they can spare quality time together. In application users have their profiles, they can add and change their pictures, add and meet new friends from all over the world, to share together their experiences and stories.
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