Knitting for an empowered life
Non-governmental organization " Udružene " is a voluntary association of women founded in September 2012.
Udružene focuses on the establishment of the value chain for the knitwear production, provision of access to markets and socio-economic empowerment of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina by protection, promotion and preservation of Bosnia Herzegovina handcrafts, preservation of dignity of women knitters, transmission of traditional skills to the younger generation, and creation of favorable conditions for the creative work of women knitters.
Udružene seeks to give women an economic future by making the most of their ability to knit. We help women rise above the status of victims and empower them economically so that they can become active and equal members of Bosnian society.

“UDRUŽENE” produces hand knit models for foreign designers and also has its own children clothes brand. Since our founding, we have produced more than 20 000 pieces of hand knitted models and we have sent them to the world market (France, Austria, Norway, Japan, Italy).
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