Journey to Health
The project aims to contribute to prevention and health education by facilitating an enjoyable educational process in an innovative, high technology fashion.
The innovative approach is the education tool that will be created: a travelling, itinerant (in different cities and countries), high technology exhibition that features interactive, multimedia installations &virtual reality games that help visitors understand the importance of healthy nutrition from early years, the role of nutrition in health, information about food pyramid & alimentation habits.
Our goal is to become a worldwide benchmark in alimentation education, the first multimedia exhibition dedicated to alimentation and to contribute to improving health indicators and reduce obesity.
The exhibition can be self sustainable after 4 months (entrance fee based) after opening can reach more than 15.000 visitors/month and aims to establish a new, more engaging and effective means of educating the general public; has a higher degree of sustainability than educational sessions and versatility in point of geographic coverage.
Using the “learning by doing” method, visitors will be able to experiment and play with interactive installments and devices, through virtual and augmented reality. Addressed to the whole family, the exhibition will be an interesting experience both for adults and children and has the chances to have a bigger influence on changing behavior.
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