Grai de Plai
Our project will assist Romanians returning from abroad reintegrate into the society back home.
Grai de Plai will offer support to this group through vocational counselling, trainings, employment possibilities, community involvement and support groups.
The first step in our integration model is to assess their individual abilities, their knowledge and their motivation and offer a tailored intervention, followed by suited training if necessary.
When it comes to employment possibilities, we will connect the Romanians to various employers: startups and multinationals and, based on the skills the returning members of the diaspora have, offer a wider range of opportunities for them.
While they may not have developed entrepreneurial skills, most of them do return with other perfected abilities. One of these is the language ability, so Grai de Plai will help the returning Romanians find employment based on their knowledge of Spanish, Italian, French, German or other European languages. Currently, multinational companies are looking for people with the language skills we just mentioned. As a pilot program we will place ten people in a multinational environment on customer support positions.
Grai de Plai will develop community involvement activities and support groups through which the returning members of the Romanian diaspora can connect and network with people in very different or similar situations and also follow up on their progress and offer further training and support.
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