EduKIND( is an educational space focused on emotional wellbeing. EduKIND undertakes emotional support and emotional learning activities for children, parents and educators: social and emotional learning workshops, individual counselling and psychotherapy, educational therapy for children with learning difficulties and/or facing adaptive challenges in the school environment.

EduKIND is thought and felt as an educational space designed to inspire and offer kindness, acceptance and inclusion, which we all need to understand emotional experiences. We perceive education as a living and complex system, through which any person (child or adult) has the opportunity to get to know himself and the world around him.

EduKIND is working to raise awareness on the need of integrating social and emotional learning activities in educational environments in Romania (public and private).
In a secure and playful space and through creative methods, guided by specialists, children are helped to internalize socio-emotional learning by developing the ability to recognize, express and manage emotions, express empathy, interact emotionally healthy with others, resolutely resolve conflicts, develop resilience (ability to adapt to unexpected changes or difficult situations without being overwhelmed by events).

These are essentials for improving students’ attitudes towards school and to develop more positive social behaviors and relationships with peers and adults.
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