Edujoc - education through playing is a social business and first online and mobile shop with educational toys in Moldova. In April 2012 I have started as a pilot project and in December 2012 I registered EDUJOC LTD. Our team consist of 6 full-time members and 5 part-time members and more than 10 partners. Now we produce wooden educational toys, do storytelling, toy-testing laboratories and provide free time to parents. In our stores consumers can find over 500 models of carefully selected educational toys. We provide an integrated solution for parents' needs by giving necessary resources and support for a harmonious growth of their children. We complete educational system by developing critical thinking and creative skills of children. It is important that the parents sees Edujoc a center of educational toys and reduce time spent in supermarkets, so the deliveries are made by our expert. We dress the toy in a story, we bring it as a development option, and the stories manage to arouse the interest of children to educational toys. We make happy over 10000 children every year, we take part in at least 12 family events every year, we organized 18 free workshops in 5 differen regions in Moldova, we created 50 new articles for our collection, we brought 2 experts with us at workshops and trainings for educators and parents about critical thinking skills and creativity.
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