Develop IT industry in Vratsa town through organizing and conducting free IT courses and events
At Vratsa Software Community we provide holistic approach to make IT careers possible for wide range of people in Vratsa. Our approach consists of raising awareness, motivating, providing free trainings, organizing competitions and attracting companies to offer jobs in Vratsa.
We started by organizing a huge EU CodeWeek in October 2014 and since then CodeWeek is the biggest IT event in northwestern Bulgaria with more than 200 participants each year. The event is a 2 days workshops on different IT topics and its idea is to raise awareness about the opportunities for work in the IT sector. And it is practically oriented so people can try and see that IT is not that hard. Of course with 2 days you can get interested but there is still a lot more to learn. So we organize a free 9-month training in programming that aims to prepare people for career as software developers. Since November 2015 we have organized three 9-month training courses with about 60 people each. Participants are high school students and young people who are unemployed or work routine jobs.
At VSC we also organize hackathons - coding competitions where people form up teams and work on real software projects for 3 days.
Finally we show all this enthusiasm in people about IT to software companies and help them open offices in Vratsa.
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