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Coworking Islands represent interdisciplinary approach to tourism, ecology and sustainable living. The fundamental motivation behind this innovative idea is a necessity of implementing sustainable business models on Croatian islands, which are heavily dependable on tourist related business. This in turn generates social and ecological problems such as high rates of unemployment during most of the year, inappropriate waste management, absence of economic activities and educational or recreational opportunities and inadequate management of vast cultural and natural resources. Croatian islands are faced with long lasting trend of depopulation and dilapidating infrastructure.
By recognizing these negative tendencies and creating local partnerships, we have envisaged a new sustainable tourist model based on global trends (rising number of coworkers worldwide). Its aim is to reduce social pressures by connecting young professionals from the North of Europe with local island communities. Main benefits for the local community entail prolonging tourist season, diversifying touristic offer, reduced negative impact of seasonal fluctuations and strengthened economic position of the community, while promoting the highest ecological and social responsibility standards. The accent would be on cross-cultural contact and knowledge sharing through various activities, workshops, and promotion of sustainable lifestyles. Long term effects include more balanced development of islands communities.
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