The aim of the project of is to develop the business discipline with the help of a purchasable service pack which is characterised by knowledge acquisition, community action and a noble cause. For the methodology and experimental phase, the developmental tool creation programme of the Foundation's rehabilitational workshop serves as an example, where the tools and toys created are given to those children lacking in development through a tender system with the help of special education teachers. Those purchasing the service will enter a study environment and community, and will help a child in need with the resulting knowledge/product. The service provider will earn funds with basic goal of the foundation: knowledge transfer. This way, productivity can become useful through donation and charity, teaching becomes part of the rehabilitation of workers in the workshop, and the resulting products end up where they are needed the most. This way, beneficiaries are the families who get tools and methods for developing and healing their child. The project also involves waste reduction and handmade recycling techniques.
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