FitP e.V.
We do care. With this organisation we take responsibility to support our kids growing up.

How do we do that?
We provide them with free fitness group classes (age 10-18) - starting with bodyweight exercises (and minimal equipment) to teach them the proper movements. We believe that this is a way to prepare our kids to be strong for life - physically and mentally.

Wether your kid wants to become stronger, build more muscle, get better at their main sports (e.g. football, basketball, etc.) or wants to make new friends - they will find the right group and place here.

It is our goal to help the teenagers to become more self confident on the one side and on the other side to learn to be responsible for something.

All this is for free for the teens. We also organize talks with rolemodels (e.g. athletes, businessman, entrepreneurs, etc...) to motivate and inspire them as well as support for school homework/projects and all areas regarding job applications.
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